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Creative Transformations Store is affiliated with the Educational Platform of the same name, whose goal is to provide resources for various forms of spiritual practices, holistic health, and well-being. Most of the items we carry are hand-crafted by artisans of various disciplines and independent small business owners and are not manufactured by large corporations in a cookie-cutter fashion. When the description of a product states that the size, color, and material may vary from the picture or description, this is why.

We strive to ensure that products are organically grown by independent farmers and are processed through natural means without toxic synthetic chemical additives. Products are also packaged by hand and come in simple, often times reusable packaging, rather than full-color printing and bulky packages that create an excessive amount of trash. We strive to operate through Earth-friendly practices and avoid using plastics and aluminum whenever possible. We provide basic organic ingredients for making your own personal care products, and for herbal teas, essential oils, infusions, natural medicines, and magical elixirs for rituals and ceremonial practices. Our main focus is on the spirit and soul, and providing resources for education, developing practical skills in promoting your own personal connection with Nature, and enhancing your sense of inner well-being and emotional balance in a self-sufficient manner.

 We provide spiritual artwork designed to invoke your imagination and promote meditative practices while beautifying your home. We also provide personal services for spiritual development, psychological healing, and developing skills in mastering your own mind and emotions. Our parent company also provides classes and professional training in various disciplines of Spiritual/Esoteric Sciences, Mind-Body Integration and Healing, Consciousness Studies, and Self-Mastery. Our store is a work-in-progress, and we’ll be steadily building and massaging it, adding new products and services, and providing new resources as we go, so please make it a point to check back on a regular basis.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please contact us at the email address provided on the “contact page” of this site. For additional resources, articles, services, podcasts, and artwork, please visit our affiliated websites listed below.

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